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Run, Walk, Live Without Foot Pain!™

This patented technology, created by a doctor, is as effective as a custom orthotic at a fraction of the expense.

The Running Doctor insoles feature the all new, high-tech, biomechanical orthotic system. Biomechanics is the study of action of forces on the body and how it relates to structure and function. This is a unique, patented approach to the prevention of serious foot, ankle knee, and lower back injury in active people.


The Running Doctor

Dr. Robert F. Weiss suffered as a young man from serious foot and knee problems. He has made it his life's work to use the opportunity to engage in a healthy range of activities.

He has spent over 30 years in research development and clinical testing of a patented, high-tech, biomechanical orthotic for aiding with walking, running and general foot comfort.  With the help of the patented product he went on to complete 35 marathons.

His orthotic treatment is directed to correct structural deficiency and muscular imbalance.   The orthotic device serves to control motion and position of the leg during locomotion.

Dr. Robert Weiss is a foot and ankle surgeon who is a graduate of the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, and residency trained at The James C. Giuffre Medical Center (formally St. Luke’s & Children’s Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA.  Dr. Weiss is a known columnist and has written hundreds of articles on sports medicine related injuries, for   The Hearst Publications-The Norwalk Hour, The Westport News, Fairfield Citizen, Darien News, and New Canaan news.  Also the Hersam Acorn Press, and the Greenwich Sentinel. He is a veteran of 35 marathons and is known to many as “The Running Doctor.”  Dr. Weiss is an inventor who holds 2 U.S. patents for a foot support system /orthotics which stabilizes the foot and ankle and helps as it relates to knee, hip and lower back symptoms.

running doctor

Many believe
that there is little or nothing
that can be done to prevent
pain or injury conditions.
This is because the footwear
on the market today does not
address the problems of
discomfort and/or trauma to
the foot and other extremities.

The Running Doctor has
created a shock absorption
system which stabilizes the
foot and prevents lateral
imbalance. The invention
uses vector control and
proper anatomically positioned
postings to create
footwear that permits proper
gait movement. Further, a
forefoot springlever effect is
introduced to eliminate inward
or outward rotation and
promote the proper healthy
posture and alignment for the
foot, ankle, knee and lower back.

By using the Running Doctorfootwear,
you will promote the health and safety of
yourself and your family against the
possibility of injuries and
anatomical problems now and
in the future. If problems are
not created now they will not
have to be treated in the future.


Dr.  George Sheehan, Running Cardiologist during a Sports medicine clinic in Ridgefield, Conn., where he helped form the Wolfpit Running Club with Dr. Robert F. Weiss, who was the founder. This was followed by the inaugural 5 mile road race and a book signing of Dr. Sheehan's first book 

- Dr. Sheehan on Running

Dr. Robert F. Weiss with Jim Fixx at Sports Medicine Clinic in Westport, Conn., prior to his first book signing - The Complete Book of Running (which was on the best seller book list for a number of years). Jim Fixx performed numerous clinics with Dr. Weiss and also field tested Dr. Weiss's first patented foot Orthotic.

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